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Oklahoma State University

About AIAA Rocketry

     The Oklahoma State University AIAA High-Power Rocketry Team was founded in August 2016 within the OSU AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Student Branch. Operations Director, Lucas Utley and 2016-2017 AIAA President, Logan Thomas worked to establish the rocketry program as a competition team within the organization as to facilitate growth for AIAA and provide opportunities for OSU students in rocketry. The Argonia Cup and Spaceport America Cup taking place in 2017 served as the driving force for this program throughout its first year.     

     In September 2016, the AIAA officers allocated funding for a Madcow DX3 kit to begin the team with an initial rocket launch. The program then applied for and received Co-Sponsorship in the amount of $1500 from the OSU Student Government Association (SGA). Andrew Steadley was an SGA

     Senator and the Budget Vice Chair who advocated for the success of the program. His enthusiasm provided the financial support to get off the ground. This SGA Co-Sponsorship allowed for launches and materials over the next several months. In early 2017 with the Inaugural Argonia Cup nearing, Dr. Jamey Jacob and the OSU Unmanned Systems Research Institute (USRI) provided funding for the rocket construction and flight, as well as the autonomous drone payload hardware. In March 2017 with the help and support from Dr. Andy Arena, the team was awarded sponsorship by the NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium. This covered nearly all costs associated with the Spaceport America Cup including rocket hardware, motors, registration, and travel.

     In June 2017, members of the team traveled to Truth or Consequences, NM to compete in the 2017 Spaceport America Cup, and through judging of the team and flight hardware and spectacular flights, it was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. The team is already preparing for next year’s competition. 


Rocket Launching